December :: Goings On


Watching : Anna Karenina, Master of None (both on Netflix), Carol (showing in a few theaters). 

Listening to : Carrie and Lowell (my most streamed album on Spotify this year) and Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens; "November" by Max Richter, the perfect moody orchestral music for this time of year; "Discoloration" by Dawn Golden; "How Low" by Jose Gonzalez.

Reading : God's Silence by Franz Wright.

Visiting : Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree, the ice skaters, and the light display. (And soon back to Georgia!)

        The Gaugosian : Francis Bacon (It's closed now, but they had some really good stuff. I've never seen his work in person before.)

        The Whitney : Frank Stella. This exhibit was very interesting. It showed teh transition between his old and new works, and Stella was very involved in putting his show together. I learned afterwards that he was there at the same time I was, just looking at his work.

Drinking : Gregory's Chai, almost exclusively.

Eating : The Halal Guys. I can't believe I haven't gotten halal from them before. It is SO good. If you walk within a block, the smell wafts to you in a ridiculously enticing way.