A Word About Hunger

In my site description, I describe this blog as being “for hungry people.” I write for hungry people because I am one of them. In my senior year of high school I was required to do a culminating project which involved an artistic interpretation of the answers to a list of questions about myself. Among those questions was one which said, “What single word best describes you?” I chose the word “hungry” and I’ve stuck with it ever since. I think hunger is the first and necessary reason I pursue art and beauty. I am looking for something that I will never stop looking for—holes to fill and so on. Hunger does have a double meaning though, so on a less serious note, it’s to describe me as a fairly small person who likes to eat a lot and does so, knowing her metabolism will probably catch up to her in a few more years.

In my first year of college I stumbled across the idea of the Hungry Ghost. Originating in Buddhist and Chinese tradition, this concept represents “beings who are driven by intense emotional needs in an animalistic way.” These spirits are often considered the forces of evil, ghosts of tormented lives or themselves causes of torment. However, I am interested in the redemptive aspect of a thing which I will write on at a later point. I took the philosophy very loosely and often see how it fits into my life.

Haunted by my fair share of ghosts, I choose to believe they can have a positive outcome on my life. If my ghosts drive me to always be searching and learning and growing, then in my mind they are far from curses. Despite the bad they drag along, they will always bring their gifts as well. I believe that passions that push me will help me lead the best life possible. I would hate to miss the best things my life could have offered because I was content with where I was and therefore thought exploring something new would be useless.

So I’m okay with this fast metabolism of mine.