Keeping this short and sweet...

I am an sometimes over-dramatic empath who is incredibly well meaning but riddled with existential crises and some serious anxieties. I intend to dwell in extremes, show motion, be earnestly autonomous, and deeply entrenched in all the passions.

I like to challenge and shape myself by constantly reassessing and altering aspects of my identity and my understanding of myself and the world. For example, I am working hard on my optimism, balancing the varied components of my life, and on pushing the boundaries, internal and external, of what I can aspire to and what I can achieve. I'm interested in topics like religion, philosophy, mysticism, the search for the human soul, and the idea of paradise. As a collector of thoughts and images, I am always on the hunt for more for my mental library.

I recently came to Detroit, which I have grown very fond of, and where I sell teas and make coffee by day.

I'm an artist who creates primarily figurative work in painting, drawing, and photography. I've recently finished a book of poetry which I will self-publish and sell this year.  You can read a little about my current explorative body on my home page. Find me on social medias linked below.

Thanks for stopping by!