A. C. Jennings
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Something About a Prophet

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Current Work

October 2017 - Present



Works in Acrylic, Pen and Ink, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Found Objects, and Photography








Something About a Prophet

(Note: The above title is just a placeholder, which says what it means.)

The work I am currently involved in is about spirituality and religion constructed on the abstracted backs of its belief-system-predecessors, with the intention of seeking truth by first gathering in all sources and then stripping all that is excess or untrue away. It does not adhere to any existing religious system. This body relies on the idea of wilderness as a place for manifestation, pilgrimage as a means of revelation, intersecting points between the tangible and spiritual, prophets as human vessels of this "in-between" state, the anatomy of the spirit, and so on.  It also demands a hunger to push boundaries of practice and belief in order to come into its own (type of) life. The work is in process, and the intention is that it will be represented in an immersive environment upon completion, to become experiential more than theoretical.



Older Work

Here is a sampling of older work. It explores topics like the dichotomy between beauty and brokenness, the contours of human flourishing and failing, iconography as an interpretation of modern art, loss, hope, self-discovery, ghosts, and dignity. 

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